1-External Audit

Our audits are designed to provide business advice to assist owners, shareholders and managers in making sound business decisions, thus meeting their objectives. In addition, we ensure that a company’s internal controls, processes, guidelines and policies are adequate, effective and in compliance with governmental requirements, industry standards and company policies.
All our audits begin with a full assessment and understanding of the client’s business and operations. This allows us to provide constructive suggestions for improving business strategies, management information and controls. Our examinations are based on statutory requirements and local auditing practices, and our procedures comply with the international standards on auditing.

2-Internal Audit

Internal audit serves the efficiency of businesses as it offers, among other things:
– Sound advice on operations, performance and internal controls
– An assessment of whether the procedures adopted to comply with the envisioned policies
– An assessment of whether best practices are being implemented throughout the organization
An in-house internal audit department can be costly. Therefore, outsourcing a company’s internal needs may be a feasible option. Accordingly, outsourcing of such a service means that the client will only pay for the productive hours given by our internal audit team, thus saving time, training, equipment, tools and office space while at the same time getting the benefit of the service

3-Tax/Zakat services

A direct tax is tax imposed by a government on financial income generated by business entities and individuals in which the tax is directly paid to the government by an entity on whom it is imposed. On the other hand, the indirect tax is the tax that is imposed by the government through many sources and that is collected by the intermediaries from the person who shall bear the ultimate burden of the tax.
MGIMAA-Audit tax experts assist business organizations and individuals in a wide range of direct and indirect tax consulting services to meet the special tax requirements of our clients, both locally and internationally.
MGIMAA-Audit will assist in providing adequate, expressive and successful approaches to the business organizations or individuals for the effective and efficient tax management and tax compliance.
A successful tax accounting and compliance require the practitioners understanding of the business environment and tax regulatory laws that affect the organization’s business as well as the client’s understanding of our tax accounting approach and work plan.
MGIMAA-Audit team for tax accounting and compliance is furnished with well-experienced experts and professionals to advise on the establishment and application of tax planning opportunities to reduce the income tax burdens.

4-Accounting and Book Keeping

Our accounting and book keeping services are tailored to fit the individual needs of our clients. Our professionals are familiar with all major accounting software packages and are able to adapt our technical processes to clients’ requirements. Our staff is highly experienced and always striving to build strong working relationships with our clients. MGIMAA-Audit deliver efficiency whilst providing accurate and useful management information to focus on business management rather than time consuming administration.

5-Audit/Review part or one account of the financial statement

Auditing a part of a financial statement or an element of the organization’s activities in accordance with the international standards is a part of the holistic procedures to ensure the provision of the proper service to clients in addition to the required advice and judgment to achieve the organization’s objectives.

6-Liquidation of Companies

For a variety of reasons, companies have to be wound up. This process involves both accounting and legal services. MGIMAA-Audit, through its qualified experts in both fields, provides this service to its clients in a professional manner.

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